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Sassy Sunday

Hey kids! I'm Vanessa,  your new Sunday poster.  I figured I'd throw a little theme at you guys for my inaugural post.  This week: songs about music!  These are some of my favorites so I hope you enjoy them.

The Kinks-One of the Survivors.mp3

One of the rock and roll survivors,
Twelve bars flowing through his brain.
He digs jerry lee lewis, dion and the belmonts,
And johnny & the hurricanes.

He plays hound dog, oh boy, and great balls of fire
And boppin at the high school hop.
And hes got no time for phonies or posers
cos they dont know how to reel and rock.
And he plays little egypt and ooh poo pah doo,
And he plays poison ivy and blue suede shoes,
The hollywood argyles, danny & the juniors,
Dion & the belmonts, johnny & the hurricanes.

Gillian Welch-Elvis Presley Blues.mp3

I was thinking that night about Elvis
Day that he died, day that he died
I was thinking that night about Elvis
Day that he died, day that he died
Just a country boy that combed his hair
And put on a shirt his mother made and went on the air
And he shook it like a chorus girl
And he shook it like a Harlem queen
He shook it like a midnight rambler, baby,
Like you never seen

David Bowie-Song For Bob Dylan.m4a

Oh, hear this Robert Zimmerman
I wrote a song for you
About a strange young man
called Dylan
With a voice like sand and glue
His words of truthful vengeance
They could pin us to the floor
Brought a few more people on
And put the fear in a whole lot more
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