Taylor (xc0l0rful) wrote in tunes_daily,

Weekly Themes

Have an idea for a theme?

Post it here!

Past/Current/Future Themes:
September 22 - September 28: "Colors"
September 29 - October 5: "Techno/Dance" as requested by rachaelgrey
October 6 - October 12: "Traveling" as requested by sukuhov
October 13 - October 19: "Names" by popular demand!
October 20 - October 26: "Look Up" (songs mentioning the sky, the stars, heaven, flying, clouds, and anything else people must 'look up' to see.
October 27 - November 2: "Halloween" (songs must mention Halloween, witches, monsters, ghosts, blood, murder, or anything else Halloween-ish)
November 10 - November 16: "Comedy" (real comedians, or just songs that make you laugh!)
November 17 - November 23: "Look Down" (the opposite of "Look Up"!) as requested by aq_linkmeister
November 24 - November 30: "Covers"
December 1 - December 6: "Its a Holiday!"

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